LinkedIn Recommendations and the Benefits to Writing and Receiving One

Think for a moment about the candidate selection process for a job opening in a company. Traditionally, a company advertises, receives applications, creates a short-list to interview, interviews, checks-out references, makes an offer to their leading candidate and then hires. Notice how late into the process they get around to checking out references. References are the testimonies that back up what the candidate says they can do. The thinking is that if you performed well for another employer, were a person of integrity, got results etc., you should be able to bring those same things to this employer.

As an employer, wouldn’t it be a tremendous advantage if you could get some independent, third-party recommendation on a candidates’ value early on in the process? That would be advantageous. Not only would this be great for an employer doing some hiring, but if that employer enlisted the services of a Recruiter, the Recruiter in turn would be thrilled to read what people are saying about someone if the Recruiter was thinking of plucking someone out of their job at company A and offering them the chance to work for company B….

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