Choosing my Choice: Explaining Women, the Wage Gap, and Passion

This weekend, known feminist rabble-rouser Hanna Rosin published an article on Slate declaring that the gender pay gap we all fret about is, actually, not real. My husband sent me the link thinking I was going to lose my mind. But really, as soon as I saw the piece title, I thought “I bet I know where she’s going.”
Rosin makes use of lit reviews and analysis of the information that conjured the statistic that women make 77 cents for every dollar a man makes. When controlled for numbers of hours worked, age, education, and union affiliation however, that number broke down. Turns out, women aren’t doing so badly when all factors are controlled. …

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Caring Industry Demolishes Carer

Tia (not her name) is a middle-aged woman with adult children who works with a young boy in residential care, or did until recently. I first heard of her through a friend, who tells me Tia has been stood down and subsequently called to a meeting. I have no connection with Tia but, hearing of her situation, volunteer to support her at the meeting.

Two women are in the room when we enter. One is Tia’s coordinator, the other is from child protection at the Department of Human Services (DHS). Tia is asked to give her account of the events a particular day.  “What can you tell us,” she is then asked, “about someone saying that you …?”. Tia responds that these claims are untrue. “I have never hurt a child in my life,” she says. “Not my own, and certainly not this one.”

I ask about possible outcomes of the investigation and get a cautious answer about fully, partly or unsubstantiated findings. I ask how long the investigation is likely to take, and get an even more cautious answer, tagged by the comment that “I can see you are taking notes, Joan.”

Two months later, Tia is called to a second meeting. Two women are again there to meet us, both representing the employer this time, although neither was at the first meeting; one is Tia’s manager; the other is from Human Resources. The following letter is on the table:

“This is to confirm the discussion at the meeting today that Caring Family Services [the name is changed] have decided to terminate your employment during the probationary period. Consistent with our obligations under the Fair Work Act 2009 and the National Employment Standards, you will be provided one week’s pay in lieu of notice, and the termination of your employment is effective immediately.”…

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What Determines Worth?

Where do we draw the line to determine who have worth? Recently, one of our posts discussed the social work reinvestment act, and the concept of tuition forgiveness, grants, or other assistance with higher education. Many who oppose these ideas state that “no one helped them” or “you can’t get anything for free once you’ve agreed” as part of their reasoning. This argument is assuming that the borrower or those who wish to receive higher education are lazy, and trying to get something for free. …

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The State of Macro Social Work and the Urgency of Now

There is no time but now, people often forget that. The plans we make for the future are tenuous, our understanding of the past is murky. Social work finds itself at a crossroads. In the last thirty years there has been a wonderful blossoming of the field in regard to client service. We have been challenged to be more evidence based and we have taken up that challenge. There is no doubt that micro social work practice has become more ethical, scientific, and more or less universally presented to social work students. Yet, social work remains unaware of the cost of putting so much emphasis on micro while allowing our roots in macro to be put aside….

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What are YOU going to do for Hispanic Heritage Month? 7 Ideas

Hispanic Heritage Month began in the United States on September 15th with the commemoration of Mexican Independence from Spain in 1810. This is a time in which many Hispanic Americans celebrate their heritage with public festivals and events. In our city of Grand Rapids, the Hispanic festival comes every September. This is also a time, though, for US citizens with European ancestry to be reminded of the significant impact of minority populations on the society and culture of the United States. It’s too easy to forget, if you’re white, that not only has your culture been the dominant one—to which every minority must in some way assimilate—you have also received certain opportunities and priviledges which are not afforded to minorities….

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LinkedIn Recommendations and the Benefits to Writing and Receiving One

Think for a moment about the candidate selection process for a job opening in a company. Traditionally, a company advertises, receives applications, creates a short-list to interview, interviews, checks-out references, makes an offer to their leading candidate and then hires. Notice how late into the process they get around to checking out references. References are the testimonies that back up what the candidate says they can do. The thinking is that if you performed well for another employer, were a person of integrity, got results etc., you should be able to bring those same things to this employer.

As an employer, wouldn’t it be a tremendous advantage if you could get some independent, third-party recommendation on a candidates’ value early on in the process? That would be advantageous. Not only would this be great for an employer doing some hiring, but if that employer enlisted the services of a Recruiter, the Recruiter in turn would be thrilled to read what people are saying about someone if the Recruiter was thinking of plucking someone out of their job at company A and offering them the chance to work for company B….

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Punishment vs. compassion: A tale of two principals

There is an age-old debate when it comes to schooling and parenting. Should we discipline children by enforcing punishment and obedience, or raise them through respect and understanding? I am about to share how one principal walks the first path, while another embraced the second.
Our first ……

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Barbara Lee’s Rising Star Takes Social Work to the UN

California Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D-13), Chair of the Congressional Social Work Caucus and all-around phenomenal woman of the 21st century has added a new role to her influential leadership portfolio—United States Representative to the United Nations, assuming her appointment by President Barack Obama will be confirmed by the Senate.  Her appointment to this position was surprising to some since she is regarded as a staunch anti-war activist who urged the President to hold back on his intentions to launch a strike against Syrian madman Bashar Al-Assad after he presumably gassed hundreds of his own citizens, including women and children….

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5 Ways to Move Clients from a “Poverty Mindset” to a More “Positive Mindset”

The purpose of identifying and understanding the poverty mindset is to be able to develop tools and strategies for addressing its negative and long-term impact on the life of anyone living with its effects.

A “Poverty Mindset” facilitates the financial disconnect which causes avoidance of all things having to do with money, particularly any effort to improve financial circumstances.

A “Positive Mindset” provides the foundation for a life filled with more hope and potential, allowing clients to view the world as a more friendly, supportive place; the future as a time/place when/where the possibility exists to have more, do more and be more….

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