Interview with Kerry Baharanyi & Petition for Fair Pay

Social media allows for professionals to connect in a way that we could not in the past. On one of the NASW groups on LinkedIn, I came across a link by a social worker, Kerry Baharanyi, regarding a petition she had initiated for Fair Pay for Social workers. Here is what Kerry has to say about ……

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Syrian Civil War Reveals A World Divded

The U.S. finds itself in an eerily similar position as it did not so long ago when WMD’s were “confirmed” to be found in Iraq, and the next 13 years would leave America inside a conflict that would often divide the nation, and contribute to a failing economy.

The speaker of the House John ……

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What Doctor Who Has Taught Me About Social Work

“900 Years of time and space and I’ve never met anyone who wasn’t important.” As one of my all-time favorite quotes from The Doctor, it made me think of all the instilled messages that one can pick up from their favorite shows. Doctor Who happens to be an ideal, and I’m not just ……

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Navigating The Syrian Crisis

Despite the warning signs for over a year, many feel surprised to learn we are now looking at another tense situation within the Middle East. The escalation of the Syrian crisis came to a tipping point with the alleged use of chemical warfare. Now, the U.N. and the citizens of many world countries wait to hear what will be next. The situation is not as straightforward as it sounds. Regardless of new bulletins, many of the reports coming in are still unconfirmed.  

Let’s look at some of the facts that we know:…

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Now it is Later

I had a dentist appointment yesterday, in my old neighborhood of Edgewater. I don’t have occasion to visit it much, so I made a point to arrive early, and walk past my old building.

Peering into that wrought-iron gate was strange. I did a lot of hurting and healing in there. It was the first home I owned. I brought my dog home here when I adopted him. I prepared for a wedding, and then hid during a divorce. I cried a lot. It was on that back right window where I sat and stared down at this court yard all night when I learned my mother had died. It was to this home I returned the night of her burial; my world changed. And then a few weeks after that, on the back porch, I asked the love of my life to marry me….

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