Summer Interviews

Have you ever been sitting in the reception area of an office, perhaps scoping out how people dress so you can look like you fit in when you get an interview? Worse yet, you’re actually sitting there waiting to be called in for your interview and noticing how they dress for the first time?

Just imagine you’re sitting there already stressed about the questions you’ll be asked, putting pressure on yourself to make this the last interview you got to in a long time because it has taken so long just to land this interview itself….

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The Value of Social Work

I just finished The Dressmaker of Khair Khana by Gayle Tzemach Lemmon. This was chosen as a light read (meaning not work oriented), but the topic itself is not light. The book is about Kamila Sidiqi and other women of Afghanistan before, during, and after the Taliban’s rise to power. The book is about a young woman who reinvented herself as an entrepreneur (becoming a dressmaker) to provide for her family while bringing hope and employment to dozens of women in war-torn Kabul who would otherwise have been unemployed.

I found after reading this book my thoughts turned to social work. Should we, like many professions, narrow our niche or should we continue to become more entrepreneurial?…

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Sex and True Colors

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Sexual behavior is particularly hard for some to renounce or acquire self-control, but the same can be said for many of our “appetites.”  When these troubles narrow a person’s world sufficiently we call it an addiction. Sometimes the behaviors form a pattern that can only be seen when a fair amount of life has passed….

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Introduce me to my Man & Get $10,000

Recently, I came across a post on MSN titled “Woman offers $10,000 bounty to whoever finds her future husband” describing how an anonymous supervisor at a San Francisco based advertising agency emailed friends with an interesting proposal. The proposal is a $10,000 bounty to whoever introduces her to her future husband. She agrees to give the person who introduces her to her potential husband $10,000 on their wedding day. The anonymous woman credits her behavior to be inspired by a feminist handbook called “Lean In.” …

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Dad’s of Disability: A Worthwhile Project

Social work and some of its core principles i.e. social justice and advocacy are close to my heart. SJS appreciates when an individual in the community approaches us regarding an idea or issue that clearly meshes with these values. The interview below is with such an individual, Gary Dietz, who ……

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Becoming Me Through Social Work, Food and Love

“Food and Love are the essence of the soul and the moderator of personality.”
I said something similar to that to a friend the other day, and I’ve been reflecting on it since. Hunger and want for love and food ……

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