Is FWD.US Responsible For Passage Of Immigration Reform Bill?

It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon on Long Island; I had some spare time so I decided to watch a movie. I settled on a documentary called Park Avenue on Netflix. The basic concept… corporate lobbying owns the US government…

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Congress Fails Again: Student Loan Rates To Double

In what is becoming an all too familiar story, members of the Senate were unable to reach an agreement to keep student loan interest rates for Stafford Loans from doubling. This time it is the Democrats who are fighting with President Obama….

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DOMA’s Effect On Same-Sex Couples In The Military

The DOMA ruling handed down by the United States Supreme Court yesterday has generated much discussion over what it means and what the next steps will be. Early analysis has indicated that much of what was overturned yesterday deals specifically with federal law, specifically tax law. However, ……

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DOMA Deemed Unconstitutional

The long awaited Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) decision came today with a 5-4 vote to appeal. What is considered the start of one of the biggest wins in human rights in recent history, the decision to strike down DOMA will technically ensure equal rights for benefits for same-sex couples….

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How Can Social Workers Get More Politically Involved?

After my previous posting, it dawned on me that calling for social workers to become more political was rather simplistic.  Many social workers are political and have been for decades.  I believe we need more social workers running for elected office and more social workers involved in all ……

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A New approach to school discipline — suspensions drop 85%

THE FIRST TIME THAT principal Jim Sporleder tried the New Approach to Student Discipline at Lincoln High School in Walla Walla, WA, he was blown away. Because it worked. In fact, it worked so well that he never went back to the “Old Approach” to Student Discipline. This is how it went ……Full Story @

Change The World Project

What would you do if you were the boss? It is easy to be negative towards a place, organization, government, or belief system without taking the moment to go “what would make a positive change.” Unless you directly work within the bureaucratic system, it is hard to grasp how difficult ……Full Story @